Sujata; the girl who saved the world

On one morning we left our hotel to walk to the other side of the river near Bodhgaya. There in a place that used to be called Uruvela, in the days of the Buddha, our forest monk called Gotama nearly died. He had taken up asceticism together with 5 companions to such an extent that […]

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A very tired pilgrim

Maha Bodhi temple at Bodh Gaya

Yesterday evening we arrived dead tired at our hotel in Bodh Gaya. We were set on seeing the Bodhi Tree (Ficus religiosa). Therefore we walked to the Maha Bodhi Temple and found a large mass of people pressing foreward to enter. Sorry, but I couldn’t take pictures for it is forbidden to take a cell […]

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Rajgir: city of kings and sages

Today we went to the World Peace Stupa on top of the mountain where also Vulture Peak is, but much higher. It was quite a climb, but a stunning view. The stupa was similar to the one we saw in Vaishali and appears to be initiated by a Japanese Nichiren monk who went for world […]

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The place where the Buddha left this world

Today we stayed at Kushinagar where the temple commemorating the maha parinirvana (Sanscrit for his disappearance into nirvana) is situated. It is again a well kept beautiful place where we could do our prayers and enjoy our meditation. People of all countries in Asia were circumambulating the enormous stupa. We were considered a special sight […]

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On the road to Kushinagar

On the road from Lumbini to Kushinagar, from the spot where he was born to the place where he died, we stopped in Nepal near the Indian border. The place can hardly be recognized, but it is called Ramagrama. It contains an overgrown hill with a very old stupa beneath it. This is believed to […]

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Lumbini the birth place of the Buddha

Today we visited the birthplace of Gotama Sakyamuni the Buddha. His mother was foretold of his birth through a dream (annunciation). In the dream a white elephant descended from the sky and entered her right side. This was taken to be an omen of the birth of a special person. When she was about to […]

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