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Why ignorance is the source of our suffering

An interesting post someone in the US shared with me. ‘FROM QUORA – This photo was taken sometime between May and December 1944 (when the bodies of thousands of murdered Hungarian Jews were burned in open fire pits, because the crematoria couldn’t handle these numbers). These people are enjoying a bit of “down time” before […]

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Ranging anywhere from a crippling or paralyzing experience to a soft mesmerizing feeling on the edge of our consciousness. In Buddhism the three basic afflictions at the base of the wheel of life (i.e. Samsara) are greed, anger and ignorance. Some forms of Buddhism expand that with jealousy and pride. But to my personal opinion […]

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Teachings in the Himalayas

Now we are back in the Netherlands for a month already. After the Pilgrimage (see previous blogs) I returned to Bodhgaya to meet my wife. And to follow teachings of Tai Situpa. He was explaining the intricacies of the Ngöndro practice mainly for the monks and nuns of the Rumtek monastry from Sikkim. There were […]

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The end of our pilgrimage, back to Bodhgaya

Well all things will come to an end. Some quicker than others. I must confess that my perception of time has completely disappeared on this pilgrimage. But a few days ago I said goodbye to all my friends at the railway station of Varanasi. After we had had a wounderful meal at the house of […]

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Sujata; the girl who saved the world

On one morning we left our hotel to walk to the other side of the river near Bodhgaya. There in a place that used to be called Uruvela, in the days of the Buddha, our forest monk called Gotama nearly died. He had taken up asceticism together with 5 companions to such an extent that […]

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A very tired pilgrim

Maha Bodhi temple at Bodh Gaya

Yesterday evening we arrived dead tired at our hotel in Bodh Gaya. We were set on seeing the Bodhi Tree (Ficus religiosa). Therefore we walked to the Maha Bodhi Temple and found a large mass of people pressing foreward to enter. Sorry, but I couldn’t take pictures for it is forbidden to take a cell […]

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