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Is Mind equal to Non-conceptual Mind in Zen?

During the golden age of Zen in the T’ang dynasty there were many sublime Zen Masters that glorify the non-conceptual mind. For example Huang Bo, the teacher of Lin Qi (Rinzai in Japanese) states, “This Mind is no mind of conceptual thought and it is completely detached from form.”[1] And further on “If you can […]

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Man as an Ecosystem

Humans are part of an ecosystem which we usually refer to as ‘reality’. This also allows us to say that, as an inseparable part of that system, we are also that system. In the sense that every part of a system, precisely by being inseparable, is also the whole system. Thich Nhat Hanh calls this […]

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3 maanden in Keiryuji

Daar sta ik dan voor de ingang naar mijn tent waar ik 3 maanden gebivakkeerd heb. De afscheiding van draad en een houtje is voor de koeien die daar rondzwerven. Die zijn totaal ongevaarlijk, maar het is toch prettig als ze niet in mijn tent komen. Ik heb wel een paar nachten gehad dat ze […]

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A longing for more

It started last summer in the retreat with my teacher Ton Lathouwers. I was feeling quite free and open. Then suddenly, during zazen, I was aware that I had been sitting for some time without a narrative. I was fully present and completely without any feelings of it having to be otherwise. Deep contentment without […]

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Auschwitz Helferinnen

Why ignorance is the source of our suffering

An interesting post someone in the US shared with me. ‘FROM QUORA – This photo was taken sometime between May and December 1944 (when the bodies of thousands of murdered Hungarian Jews were burned in open fire pits, because the crematoria couldn’t handle these numbers). These people are enjoying a bit of “down time” before […]

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