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A longing for more

It started last summer in the retreat with my teacher Ton Lathouwers. I was feeling quite free and open. Then suddenly, during zazen, I was aware that I had been sitting for some time without a narrative. I was fully present and completely without any feelings of it having to be otherwise. Deep contentment without […]

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Auschwitz Helferinnen

Why ignorance is the source of our suffering

An interesting post someone in the US shared with me. ‘FROM QUORA – This photo was taken sometime between May and December 1944 (when the bodies of thousands of murdered Hungarian Jews were burned in open fire pits, because the crematoria couldn’t handle these numbers). These people are enjoying a bit of “down time” before […]

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Circle of Nourishment – waardigheid in armoede

In Kaapstad, Zuid-Afrika worden maandelijks 1000 babies geboren in het Mowbray hospitaal. De meoeders komen uit de arme townships rondom de stad. Het kind is vaak een gevolg van verkrachting of ander misbruik. De meisjes (de meesten zijn onder de 18 jaar) moeten vaak uren lopen om bij het hospitaal te komen, want ze hebben […]

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panorama bergen

Interpersonal Mindfulness and Compassion

In the Mahayana Buddhism mindfulness is seen as insight and wisdom, but what kind of wisdom are we speaking of? It was the ninth century famous Ch’an Master Lin-chi I-hsuan Hui-chao (Japanese, “Rinzai Gigen”) who claimed: “On your lump of red flesh is a true man without rank who is always going in and out of […]

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