Teisho by Genjo Marinello Osho

Continuing he says, “These are the four lines that arise from Awakened Heart-Mind. You realize that all composite things, that means you, me, the pillars, the roof, the ceiling, the planet, the stars, the galaxies… all composite things are like a dream… a fantasy… a bubble and a shadow… are like a dew drop and a flash of lightning… and thus they are to be regarded.

Reading from the Chobo-ji Sutra book, he continues, saying “In this English translation, it repeats these four lines, just in a different way.

Think in this way
of the fleeting world:
As a star at dawn,
a bubble in a stream,
A dewdrop, a flash of lightning
in a summer cloud,
A flickering lamp, a phantom,
and a dream.

This is the penultimate experience of an Awakened Mind, which is free of ego attachment. Usually we are stuck in our worries, concerns, desires, fantasies and impulses, which all arise from our ego identity. When we are limited by our attachment to a sense of a separated self-hood it is a “Hell-realm.”