Walking in the Buddha’s Footsteps

Welcome to New Delhi!

We left Brussels with 15 people in total on Saturday morning. We arrived in New Delhi Sunday morning at 2:30 AM. When we came to our hostel it was about 5 AM.  Today we went to a bazaar in the middle of Delhi. It was quite hectic although it being Sunday. Fortunately I was prepared from being in several Asian countries, including south India, before. But the smog and dust is quite heavy, so I bought myself some dust masks to wear. They really help. Tonight we will have a communal dinner so we can get acquainted with each other.

Before I left, I told Annick that it feels as if I have done everything I needed to do and now there is nothing left but to enjoy the ride and soak up all the wisdom that will pass me by. My forebearers must have done some very meritorious things for me to be so lucky. I just hope that I will be able to pass this luck on to all the people that will cross my path.

After this adventure Annick and I will start a new one where we will try to pass on all the knowledge and wisdom that have been parted to us. Because this will be a culmination of everything we have developed up till now, it is the most exciting thing we have done together so far. Since we are curious whether we can really life up to our claims we call it “At the Edge of the Unknown”. If you feel up to it, REGISTER.

In the mean time I will report on my trip in these blogs. I hope you can enjoy them. By the way, the picture is of the official opening of the new bridge near our guest house AMA Rabsel in the Tibetan quarter of Delhi.

6 reacties op Walking in the Buddha’s Footsteps

  1. Annick 4 november 2018 op 13:46 #

    Keep us posted on your travels in the footsteps of the Buddha, big hug

  2. Marga 4 november 2018 op 20:03 #

    🙏, thanks! For sharing, Inwish you a good pilgrimage!

  3. anna 4 november 2018 op 23:08 #

    Thank you Olaf!! Im so happy that you are sharing this and I can be a part of it, here in Wroclaw. Safe travels and warmest hugs to you!!

  4. Kees hartveld 5 november 2018 op 13:33 #

    Heel bijzonder.
    Mooi om het zo te delen

  5. Gabor 6 november 2018 op 19:04 #

    Godspeed Olaf! Many happy misunderstandings! (Tend to be the best parts of a journey)

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